Walk with Dinosaurs!

Mine for Treasure!

Pan for gold!


School Break 2023!

The Rock Fossil and Dinosaur Shop is open for spring break fun!


Open School Break Week
April 15th – 23rd · 11am – 5pm

Open Weekends starting April 29th · 11am – 5pm




April 21st 1pm to 4pm

Check out and hold a variety of reptiles provided by a reptile specialist

The Rock Fossil and Dinosaur Shop

Thousands of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the very location of our store on Routes 5 & 10 in Deerfield, MA! Today, you’ll find The Rock Fossil and Dinosaur Shop, a family-friendly shop and attraction. We have inventory and activities perfect for people of any age, groups, parties, and gifts! Run by a first grade teacher of twenty-five years, the Shop believes in taking an immersive approach to fun and learning.
Through sluicing, digging, sifting, and exploring the world of rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs, children learn about prehistoric worlds, getting them mentally and physically engaged with a world millions of years old. Like a real prospector, children pan for their own gemstones and explore mine shafts filled with treasures, keeping the treasure they find! They engage in archaeology, unearthing fossils in large sandpits and explore outdoor fossils. The dinosaur exhibit brings dinosaurs to life as children learn about when each dinosaur lived, what it ate, and how it behaved. After discovering and collecting specimens, we provide the children with an identification guide so that they can become budding geologists, paleontologist, and archaeologist. Of course no trip to the shop is complete without checking out the gift shop which is filled with casts from prehistoric times, fossils, and rocks and gemstones from around the world!


The Rock Fossil & Dinosaur Shop is conveniently located between Yankee Candle Village and the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens, making it a great addition to a fun educational family day in Deerfield!


“This roadside attraction attracts kids with dinosaurs before blindsiding them with geology”   

-Atlas Obscura

“Children get a Prehistoric Experience at The Rock Fossil and Dinosaur Shop”   

-Greenfield Recorder