The Rock Fossil and Dinosaur Shop has a large outdoor area where you can walk through our ambient Dinosaur Forest, featuring ambient noise, replica dinosaurs, and write-ups detailing the lives of each dinosaur.

Uncover fossils and footprints in our excavation pits, and take selfies at our brand new 3D Dinosaur Wall.

The Dinosaur Forest is free and open to the public. Come on down and see over 25 of your favorite dinosaurs presented in their full-size and realistic splendor. The Dinosaurs are displayed in our lush, green backyard on five acres. We have many dinosaurs displayed including a 21′ long Stegosaurus, a 24′ wing-spanned Pteranodon, a Pachycephalosaurs, Anklyosaurus, a T-Rex Head, and many more.

This attraction is a must see. Everybody can appreciate these realistic and very large dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs are set up exactly as they would have looked between 65-220 millions years ago.